Dedicated to Your Health & Wellness

Jacksonville locals rely on Allison Forshey Fitness to create personalized weight loss plans. To achieve maximum results, many of our clients pair their nutrition plan with a customized fitness program.

A Plan Designed for You

Every day, we are exposed to advertisements about the newest fad diets and health trends. It is a daunting task to sort through this mountain of information to find what's real and what works for you, so let us do all  of the hard work for you. Our professionals specialize in nutrition planning based on the specific needs of each individual. We learn about you in order to develop a fat and weight loss plan that is healthiest and most effective for you.

Real, Noticeable Results

Get the body you want. We're here to help you achieve all your physical and health goals. Depending on the results you want, we design a plan combining healthy, organic food options with juice cleansing. Throughout the process, we monitor your progress to ensure that the plan is helping you reach your goals efficiently, making adjustments as necessary.

Competitive Prices

You're sure to be impressed with yourself as you see the pounds disappear; however, you'll be even more impressed by the affordability of it all. The initial assessment with our nutrition expert costs only $25. After that, you pay only $100 per month. This price includes nutrition monitoring as well as individualized meal plans that we create and write out for you.